eISBN: 9781597804424

Ghost Pirates And Others

by William Hope Hodgeson

William Hope Hodgson was a contemporary of H. P. Lovecraft, and Clark Ashton Smith, and was one of the most important and influential fantasists of the 20th century. His novel The Ghost Pirates is a take-no-prisoners supernatural adventure story that is just as powerful today as it was 100 years ago.

In addition to his landmark novel, this volume contains some of his most influential short fiction; from his supernatural detective Thomas Carnacki to tales of the mysterious Sargasso Sea. The Ghost Pirates and Others is the perfect introduction to the magic, mystery and adventure of William Hope Hodgson.

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About the author William Hope Hodgeson

Born in Blackmore End, Essex, the son of an Anglican Priest, William Hope Hodgson was to become one of the most notable influences on 20th Century Sci-Fi and Horror. House On the Borderlands, Dream of X, and The Night Land are considered among the seminal pieces of literature in the genre. His occult themes and archaic style have made an impact many decades after his young death in 1918, having...

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