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The Miscellaneous Writings Of Clark Ashton Smith

by Clark Ashton Smith

The Miscellaneous Fictions of Clark Ashton Smith gathers together the adventure, juvenilia and other non-fantastic fiction of Smith. While he is known best for his fantastic work, these adventure and mainstream stories shed light on the development of Smith’s writing and his constantly evolving style.
The Miscellaneous Fictions is a perfect companion to the five volume Collected Fantasies set. As with that set, editors Scott Connors and Ron Hilger have prepared this volume by comparing original manuscripts, various typescripts, published editions, and Smith’s notes and letters, in order to prepare a definitive set of texts.
Contents of The Miscellaneous Fictions include “The Animated Sword,” “The Malay Crise,” “The Ghost of Mohammed Din,” “The Mahout,” “The Rajah and the Tiger,” “Something New,” “The Flirt,” “The Perfect Woman,” “A Platonic Entanglement,” “The Expert Lover,” “The Parrot,” “A Copy of Burns,” “Checkmate,” “The Infernal Star,” “The Dead will Cuckold You,” “House of the Monoceros,” “Dawn of Discord,” and many others.

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About the author Clark Ashton Smith

Clark Ashton Smith was born on January 13, 1893, in Long Valley, California, but lived most of his life in Auburn. Ill health as a child prevented him from attending all but five years of school, but he set upon an extensive campaign of self-education. He began to write at an early age, and sold several short stories to magazines such as Overland Monthly and Black Cat at the age...

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