Marty Halpern

Marty Halpern is a two-time finalist for the World Fantasy Award–Professional for his work with Golden Gryphon Press. His career with GGP began in 1999, and in the next 7 years (while working a full-time, hightech job through half of those years), he edited 23½ hardcovers, 4 limited edition chapbooks, and 4 reprint trade paperbacks. The “½” hardcover is the original anthology The Silver Gryphon (marking the press’s twenty-fifth book in 2003), which he co-edited with publisher Gary Turner.
Marty now freelances, working directly with authors to prepare their manuscripts for publication, as well as working primarily for independent publishers Night Shade Books and Tachyon Publications, for whom he has edited over 20 titles (and copyedited far too many more to count), and other publishers including Ace Books, Damnation Books (Realms of Fantasy magazine), and Morrigan Books UK.
In addition to his work as an editor, Marty has written a series of columns entitled “The Perfect Sentence,” published in The Valley Scribe, the newsletter of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Writers Club. And was a guest faculty at the 2004 East of Eden Writers Conference in Salinas, California. Marty Halpern currently resides in San Jose, California, and occasionally emerges from his inner sanctum to attend conventions. Blog “More Red Ink”:; SF Editors Wiki entry: sfeditorwatch. com/index.php/Marty_Halpern.