Release Date: April 2, 2018
eISBN: 9781597805940

Firewalkers: A Recondito Novel

by Chris Roberson

After reopening a long-closed murder investigation, FBI agent Izzie Lefevre and police detective Patrick Tevake have uncovered a bizarre connection between a dangerous new drug on the streets of Recondito, California, and a series of mass murders and serial killings carried out around the coastal city going back at least one hundred years.

Their discovery has unlocked a secret history of mystics and madmen who believed that Recondito is a special place, where it was possible to make contact with beings from other planes of existence, beings best described as demons. For generations there have been those who secretly dedicated themselves to protecting humanity against threats from beyond our world, but Izzie and Patrick realize that their investigation not only eliminated the last remaining defender, but they are now the only ones standing in the way of a full scale invasion.

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